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Our Winery & Cellar History

The story began in 2005 when the property was purchased. It’s attributes included a gorgeous setting overlooking neighbouring vineyards, beautiful gardens & a little chapel nestled amongst the pine trees at the back of the property. The vineyard of cabernet sauvignon grapes was planted in spring 2006. Over the next few years, the 1000 square foot cellar mimicking the European stone underground caves for aging wine in a natural environment & the winery building housing the manufacturing area & future tasting room were constructed. In 2009 we obtained our official wine license to produce wine and the fun began. Over a few glasses of wine, we came up with the name of Hidden Chapel Winery. In 2011, the wine shop was finished in a quaint, cozy style featuring some antique stained glass panels taken from an old building in downtown Vancouver. The tasting bar was constructed from reclaimed ornately carved wooden columns and a bar top made from a solid timber beam found behind an old barn and re-finished was constructed. Our wines were finally offered to the public!


Deborah Wilde, the original owner of Hidden Chapel Winery, after the initial concept & building of the winery, is pleased to welcome Rudy Tomazic as a business partner. Deborah’s background is Real Estate, she found this gorgeous property, loved the gardens & the Chapel and had a dream to build a winery. Rudy’s background is Real Estate as well but his family also owns a winery in Slovenia “Tomazic Kmetija” translated “Tomazic Farm” which incidentally has an underground cellar, not unlike Hidden Chapel’s to age their wine in. Rudy also learned to make wine at a young age as he watched his father make wine. Together, Deborah & Rudy, as well as family and a lot of friends, have helped build the winery into the successful business it is today! Their goal is to take Hidden Chapel Winery to the next level and make it one of the most popular, boutique wineries in the South Okanagan!

The Chapel

Nestled in the pines & spruce trees at the back of our property in the midst of many gardens, this fairy-like, made to scale miniature chapel was built by the former owner’s son-in-law. An attraction in itself, people come to see the little white chapel hidden in the trees. The interior lined with cedar, has small pews, an alter & stained glass like windows. A perfect spot to meditate, ponder life or just feel the natural spirit of this glorious property, the chapel is open during regular winery hours. Interesting views of the chapel change with each new season. Visitors are welcome to take photos and wander through the grounds.


The Name Hidden Chapel

The previous owner of the property was quite religions. Her son-in-law built the chapel on the property as a little shrine for her. She used to hold church services and weddings. When the winery was built we needed a name and came up with Hidden Chapel Winery because the chapel is “hidden” at the back of the property and we knew we could come up with some cool names as well as a theme. All of our wine names have to do with the chapel like White Wedding, Blushing Bride and Nuns on the Run.

The Vineyard

Hidden Chapel’s vineyard is in its prime. With the South Okanagan’s superior growing conditions, planted in 2006, our estate grown cabernet sauvignon vines are producing exceptional fruit resulting in full bodied wines bursting with flavour. Pruning, thinning, tucking, leaf pruning & harvest are all done by hand. Sustainable vineyard culture includes conservation of our precious water with a drip irrigation system & control of the noxious weeds including the invasive puncture vine done by hand. In addition to grapes produced in our vineyards, we bring in grapes from other neighbouring growers making our wines truly “grown in the Okanagan”!

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